The thing about lessons learned...

Song to set the scene- 'A sky full of stars' by Coldplay.  Scent to set the scene- Jasmine and Gardenia, mysterious and bewitching against the sweetness of Tonka Bean.   

Aaah spring has sprung!

And how fitting it is to write this blog during a time of rebirth, renewal and blossoming possibilities! It marks a time in my life that I look towards the future and adjust my sails accordingly.

The past three years has been a roller coaster journey for me and a time where I scantly dedicated time to my personal life.  So in an attempt to do more things that make me happy on a personal level I've decided to start this blog to record this journey and share it with you.  Everyone at some point in their lives will go through tough times, it's a fact of life.  From my own personal experiences, I know it can be an isolating and lonely time. 

So I dedicate this blog to everyone out there, that has ever had ups and downs. 

This is a place for you to feel a little less lonely, and a place that maybe you could share with me your experiences, your learnings and ultimately your dreams and inspirations.  I think the great thing about life is that, the tough times make life more interesting.  Tough times give us opportunities to learn and grow, to build up resilience so that we can be a better all-rounded person.  A person who has empathy for our fellow human, and a unique perspective only achieved through experience. 

The challenging question is, what do you do with your new found perspective?

Do you share your lessons learned with someone whom might need to hear those words in a critical time in their life?  That decision my friend, I leave up to you.  If unsure, let your heart lead the way.
As for me, well as terrifying as it may be for a very recent former hermit, I have decided to share what I can with you.  I hope that it inspires you to make decisions in life that are fuelled by your heart and your gut.  Your gut leads the way where your heart may get lost. 

So this place called Sekehla is a place to inspire happiness in our days.  A place where wild dreams are encouraged, imagination has no bounds and where we are the writers of our stories.  The size of your dreams doesn't matter to us, what matters is that you follow them.  I have a feeling it's going to be a wild ride! We are going on adventures that will strip us bare, in the most positive sense, scare us out of the box we've built around ourselves; and forces us to grow beyond our wildest dreams. 

It's time and I can't wait!  I'm with you all the way, let's go forth and conquer!

We all have crazy dreams and wishes in life ;) Share with me in the comments below what yours is :)



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