Chasing Curiosities

Dear reader,
“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

As I stood there, nervously holding suitcase in hand, she said to me:

“You think you know how the world works, and then one faithful day, a single event changes everything. Once you’ve seen, you can’t un-see. And now you see, you have changed too.”

Those were the words from my dear Aunt’s mouth as I stepped onto the train. I knew she was talking about me, and the events that led up to me stepping on that train, yet somehow the tone in her voice hinted that she might know more than she let on. But there was no time to sit and chat, no time to ask all the questions that threatened to burst out of me. And so I stepped onto the train, red ballet flats on feet, and suitcase in hand.

I hadn’t known that what was meant to be a few days trip, would turn into weeks, and weeks into months. And it had all started with the delivery of a package that contained The Little Black Book. Now the Little Black Book is an interesting thing, it has turned out to be far more than pages within two covers, but the uncovering of truths.

Now I understand what my Aunt meant when she said those words to me all those months ago. And while I can’t reveal everything right away, time has a way of showing us what we need to know just in the right moment.

All the stories I’m about to share over the coming months are from places I’ve been, and characters I’ve met, but most of all lessons I’ve learned. And boy, has it been a rollercoaster ride, but most definitely the best kind of roller coaster ride. My experience has shown me that, sometimes the things that start of as little curiosities, can lead to great adventures.

My stories are for you, the special kind of people in this world, you are the curious kind, always questioning, and ultimately you are the dreamers. You are the people that still believe in magic, adventure and wonder. You are my favourite kind of people, because you are what makes this world an interesting and better place.

I promise I will share everything I know. All you need to know right now is: Nothing is, as it seems.

Till next time, 


Karmen Aurora

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