Karmen Aurora is a 21 year old young woman who lives in London with her aunty and uncle.  She is a fictional character created entirely for Sekehla to share stories and products that inspire happiness, wonder and curiosity.  

(The following passage is found in our very first product,  within the first page of the Little Black Book: The Untold)

As told by Karmen herself:

"On the eve of my 21st birthday, I received a mysterious package containing an old leather bound journal from the will of a deceased estate in Portugal.  The journal belonging to my great grandfather, a man I barely knew; held entries that read like a epic tale.
The set of curious map coordinates contained within the pages; and how the journal had found itself thousands of kilometres away in a foreign country battled me.  Wanting to make sense of it all, and reconnect with my past, I would find myself mapping out a journey that would lead me around the world.
I decided that if I was going to be facing the big wide world again, I would need a practical strategy, and a place to record my journey.
I would create a journal not unlike my great grandfathers; to finally achieve some of my bucket list while on my journey.  The untold stories only ever held within my heart, would now be brought to life.
This journal would be named The Little Black Book: The Untold.
Upon arriving at my first destination I would uncover a secret altogether more extraordinary.  And while that is a story to be told in full at the right time...for now I can let you in on a few snippets of information that may help you in filling in your Little Black Book.
Let's dream together and share our journeys; we may have a lot more in common that we realise..."

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